On the beginning of 2000, the shop had been extensively renovated.


   Although the serving area has been reduced in size, the kitchen has gained
   valuable space, enabling us to expand the kitchen and equipping it with a few 
   additional cookers and fryers, thus, hopefully will speed up all cooking time
   and reduce waiting time.    


   As you can see from some of the photographs, the kitchen is now state of the
   art, exceeding or complying with all present health and safety regulations.

   In the serving area, we have gone for a more modern look, with wood, stainless
   steel and the help of two large mirrors. We then went for a mural on the back
   wall. The mural depicts a Goddess on a lotus in a pond with a number of
   flowers and fish.


   She is hand painted by Miss Suki Chan who is an up and coming artist with
   works exhibited in various galleries in London, Birmingham and Manchester,
   more of her works will also be on show in galleries in Washington DC and
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