|| FOO YUNG (Chinese Omelette) || CHOW MEIN(Soft Noodles) || SWEET & SOUR (Sauce included) ||
|| SWEETS || EXTRA PORTIONS ||        
********************************* Special Set Dinners ***********************************


01.Crispy Aromatic Duck (1/4 of Duck served with 6 Pancakes, 
   Vegetables and sauce)                                      £8.50
02.Mixed Appetieer - Ribs, Prawn Toasts & Seaweed             £6.20
03.Deep Fried Seaweeds                                        £3.80
04.King Prawns with Sesame Seeds on Toast                     £5.80
05.Breaded Butterflied King Prawns                            £3.60
06.Squid Rings                                                £5.60
07.Breaded Crab Claws                                         £4.00
08.Chicken Skewers                                            £4.00
09.Breaded Chicken Strips                                     £4.00
10.Chicken Wings in Cantonese Sauce                           £5.80
11.Chicken Wings in Garlic Dressing                           £5.80
12.Spare Ribs in Cantonese Sauce                              £5.80
13.Spare Ribs in Garlic Dressing                              £5.80
14.Sweet and Sour Wan Ton                                     £4.50
15.Prawn Cocktail                                             £3.80
16.Pork Dumpling                                              £4.00


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17.Chicken and Mushroom Soup                                  £2.80
18.Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup                                 £2.80
19.Hot and Sour Soup                                          £3.10
20.Wan Ton Soup                                               £3.10
21.Sweetcorn and Crabmeat Soup                                £3.10


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                           VEGETARIAN DISHES 


22.Fried Tofu with Mixed Vegetables                           £5.00
23.Fried Tofu with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce          £5.00
24.Mixed Vegetable in Black Bean Sauce                        £4.90
25.Mushroom Fried Rice                                        £4.90
26.Mushroom Chow Mein                                         £4.90
27.Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein                                  £4.90
28.Mushroom Chop Suey                                         £4.90
29.Mushroom Foo Yung                                          £4.90
30.Sweet and Sour Mixed Vegetables                            £4.90
31.Sweet and Sour Tofu                                        £5.00


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                          FRIED RICE DISHES

32.Oriental House Special and Fried Rice (with Sauce)         £6.10
33.Seafood Fried Rice                                         £6.20
34.Roast Chicken and Fried Rice                               £5.50
35.Roast Duck and Fried Rice                                  £5.80
36.Roast Duck, Roast Pork, Fried Rice                         £6.00
37.Singapore Fried Rice (Hot)                                 £5.60
38.Singapore Fried Rice (Mixed Meat, dry)                     £5.50
39.King Prawn Fried Rice                                      £5.80
40.Prawn Fried Rice                                           £5.20
41.Chicken Fried Rice                                         £5.20
42.Roast Pork Fried Rice                                      £5.20
43.Beef Fried Rice                                            £5.30

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                          KING PRAWN DISHES 

44.King Prawn and Mushrooms                                   £5.80
45.King Prawn and Mixed Vegetables                            £5.80
46.King Prawn and Sweetcorn                                   £5.80
47.King Prawn and Cashew Nuts                                 £6.00
48.King Prawn, Pineapple and Cashew Nuts                      £6.00


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                       BEEF AND PORK DISHES 

49.Barbecued Spare Ribs of Pork                               £5.80
50.Barbecued Ribs of Pork in Syrup                            £5.80
51.Pork and Mushrooms                                         £5.00
52.Roast Pork and Beansprouts                                 £5.00
53.Roast Pork and Mushroom                                    £5.00
54.Beef and Tomatoes                                          £5.20
55.Beef and Mushrooms                                         £5.20


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                        CHICKEN AND DUCK DISHES

56.Roast Chicken Chinese Style                                £5.20
57.Chicken and Mushrooms                                      £5.20
58.Chicken and Pineapple                                      £5.20
59.Chicken and Sweetcorn                                      £5.20
60.Chicken and Cashew Nuts                                    £5.50
61.Chicken, Pineapple and Cashew Nuts                         £5.50
62.Roast Duck Chinese Style                                   £5.70
63.Roast Duck with Straw Mushrooms                            £5.70
64.Roast Duck with Pineapple                                  £5.70
65.Roast Duck and Mushrooms                                   £5.70
66.Roast Duck and Chips                                       £5.70
67.Fried Duck with Plum Sauce                                 £5.70


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                       CHOP SUEY (Beansprouts)

68.Chicken Chop Suey                                          £5.10
69.Beef Chop Suey                                             £5.10
70.Pork Chop Suey                                             £5.10
71.Prawn Chop Suey                                            £5.10
72.Special Chop Suey (Mixed Meat)                             £5.30
73.King Prawn Chop Suey                                       £5.80


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                       FOO YUNG (Chinese Omelette)

74.Chicken Foo Yung                                           £5.00
75.Ham Foo Yung                                               £5.00
76.Roast Pork Foo Yung                                        £5.00
77.Prawn Foo Yung                                             £5.20
78.Special Foo Yung                                           £5.50
79.King Prawn Foo Yung                                        £5.80


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                       CHOW MEIN (Soft Noodles)

80.Oriental House Special and Chow Mein                       £6.10
81.Mixed Seafood Chow Mein                                    £6.30
82.Roast Duck Chow Mein                                       £5.80
83.Roast Duck and Roast Pork Chow Mein                        £6.00
84.Singapore Chow Mein (Hot)                                  £5.60
85.Special Chow Mein (Mixed Meat)                             £5.50
86.King Prawn Chow Mein                                       £5.80
87.Prawn Chow Mein                                            £5.30
88.Beef Chow Mein                                             £5.30
89.Pork Chow Mein                                             £5.30
90.Roast Pork Chow Mein                                       £5.30
91.Chicken Chow Mein                                          £5.30
92.Chicken and Beef Chow Mein                                 £5.50
93.Singapore Style Rice Noodles                               £5.80


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                        SWEET AND SOUR (Sauce included)

94.Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs                                  £5.80
95.Sweet and Sour King Prawn                                  £5.80
96.Sweet and Sour Chicken                                     £5.30
97.Sweet and Sour Pork                                        £5.20


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                       CURRY DISHES(Boiled Rice included)

       (Fried rice 20p extra)  (Mushrooms 20p extra)

98.Special Curry (Mixed Meat)                                 £6.30
99.King Prawn Curry                                           £6.30
100.Duck Curry                                                £6.30
101.Lamb Curry                                                £5.30
102.Prawn Curry                                               £5.90
103.Chicken Curry                                             £5.90
104.Beef Curry                                                £5.90
105.Pork Curry                                                £5.90
106.Mushroom Curry                                            £5.50
107.Mixed Vegetable Curry                                     £5.50


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                      ENGLISH DISHES

108.Sirloin Steak, Chips, Tomato and Peas                     £8.50
109.Sirloin Steak, Chips, Mushrooms, Peas and Gravy           £8.50
110.Roast Chicken, Chips and Gravy                            £5.80
111.Roast Chicken and Chips                                   £5.20
112.Beefburgers, Chips and Gravy                              £4.50
113.Sausages and Chips                                        £4.50
114.King Prawn Omelette, Chips and Peas                       £5.50
115.Prawn Omelette, Chips and Peas                            £5.20
116.Chicken Omelette, Chips and Peas                          £5.00
117.Mushroom Omelette, Chips and Peas (V)                     £4.80
118.Tomato Omelette, Chips and Peas (V)                       £4.80
119.Plain Omelette, Chips and Peas (V)                        £4.80


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                      SPECIALITY DISHES

120.Chicken in Lemon Sauce                                    £5.50
121.Chicken in Orange Sauce                                   £5.50
122.Chicken in Satay Sauce                                    £5.30
123.Chicken Peking Style                                      £5.30
124.Kung Po Chilli Chicken                                    £5.30
125.Chicken Szechuan Style                                    £5.30
126.Chicken with Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce              £5.30
127.Chicken in Oyster Sauce                                   £5.30
128.Chicken with Green Pepper and Chilli                      £5.30
129.Chicken in Tao Pan Sauce                                  £5.30
130.Chicken in Garlic Sauce                                   £5.30
131.Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onions                     £5.30
132.Sweet and Sour Chicken Cantonese Style                    £5.50
133.Chicken with Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce             £5.70
134.Sweet and Sour Pork Cantonese Style                       £5.30
135.Pork Szechuan Style                                       £5.30
136.Shredded Chicken with Carrots and Chilli                  £5.70
137.Shredded Beef with Carrots and Chilli                     £5.70
138.Beef with Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce                £5.70
139.Beef with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce               £5.30
140.Beef in Satay Sauce                                       £5.30
141.Beef and Onions                                           £5.30
142.Beef in Oyster Sauce                                      £5.30
143.Beef with Green Pepper in Chilli                          £5.30
144.Beef in Tao Pan Sauce                                     £5.30
145.Beef Cantonese Sauce                                      £5.30
146.Beef Black Pepper Sauce                                   £5.30
147.Beef Szechuan Style                                       £5.30
148.Beef in Garlic Sauce                                      £5.30
149.Beef with Ginger and Spring Onions                        £5.30
150.Kung Po Chilli Beef                                       £5.30
151.Beef with Baby Corns                                      £5.30
152.Salted King Prawns in Garlic Dressing                     £5.80
153.King Prawns in Oyster Sauce                               £5.80
154.King Prawns with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce        £5.80
155.King Prawns in Satay Sauce                                £5.80
156.King Prawns Szechuan Style                                £5.80
157.King Prawns Peking Style                                  £5.80
158.King Prawns in Garlic Sauce                               £5.80
159.Sweet and Sour King Prawn Cantonese Style                 £5.80
160.King Prawns with Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce         £5.80
161.Kung Po Chilli King Prawns                                £5.80
162.Squid with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce              £5.80
163.Squid with Ginger and Spring Onions                       £5.80
164.Squid in Garlic Dressing                                  £5.80
165.Mussels in Black Bean Sauce                               £5.80
166.Scallops in Black Bean Sauce                              £6.60
167.Scallops with Ginger and Spring Onions                    £6.60
168.Scallops with Broccoli                                    £6.60
169.Lamb with Fried Onions                                    £5.50
170.Lamb in Satay Sauce                                       £5.50
171.Lamb with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce               £5.50
172.Lamb with Ginger and Spring Onions                        £5.50
173.Crispy Lamb Breast                                        £5.80


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174.Banana or Pineapple Fritter in Syrup (V)                  £2.80
175.Toffee Banana or Pineapple (V)                            £4.00

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                       EXTRA PORTIONS 

176.Bamboo Shoots and Water Chestnuts (V)                     £3.50
177.Beansprouts (V)                                           £3.50
178.Mixed Vegetables (V)                                      £3.50
179.Mushrooms (V)                                             £3.50
180.Quarter Roast Chicken (without Chips)                     £3.80
181.Plain Chow Mein (V)                                       £3.20
182.Fried Onions (V)                                          £2.80
183.Boiled Rice (V)                                           £2.60
184.Egg Fried Rice (V)                                        £2.90
185.Spring Rolls/Pancake Rolls                                £2.60
186.Vegetarian Spring Rolls/Pancake Rolls (V)                 £2.60 
187.Mini Spring Roll (6) (V)                                  £2.80
188.Chips (V)                                                 £2.00
189.Prawn Crackers                                            £1.80
190.Curry Sauce                                               £1.60
191.Sweet and Sour Sauce                                      £1.60
192.Barbecue Sauce                                            £1.60
193.Sweet Chilli Sauce                                        £1.30
194.Papadams                                                  £2.00
195.Sweetcorn (V)                                             £2.30
196.Crispy Fried Onion Rings (10) (V)                         £2.60

                         NEW DISHES

197. Crispy Mongolian Lamb
                       (Served with 6 Pancakes, Vegetables & Sauce)                          £8.50

198. Salted Chicken with Garlic Dressing                                        £5.50
199. Salted Tofu with Garlic Dressing                                              £5.00

200. Mixed Seafood with Black Bean Sauce                                   £6.00
201. Smoked Chichen                                                                     £5.60
202. Chicken & Noodle Soup                                                           £2.60
203. Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup                                                    £2.60
204. Mixed Vegetable Soup                                                             £3.20


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